South Huron District High School

South Huron's Staff 2008-2009

e-mail Mills, Kevin Principal
e-mail GOETZ, Petra Vice-Principal

Secretarial Staff
e-mail MILLER, Melonie
e-mail RATHWELL, Kay

      Department(s) * indicates headship
e-mail ARENBURG,Stephen Science
e-mail BEITANS,Jan Science
e-mail BLACK, Danielle Special Education
Web Page e-mail BOGORIN, Anca Science
e-mail BONSMA, Henry Canadian and World Studies
e-mail BOWERS, Julie Math*
e-mail BRINTNELL, Terri Co-Op
e-mail CATOR, Judy Special Education
e-mail CLARKE, Janet Mathematics
e-mail COLBOURNE, Paul History, Learning Skills
e-mail CONLEY, Phil Physical Education
e-mail CRAIGIE, Cameron Distance Ed
e-mail DOUGALL,Janis Food and Nutrition
e-mail DOUGALL, Roger Technology
Web Page e-mail HALPENNY, Scott Phys-Ed
e-mail HAWLEY, Heather English*
Web Page e-mail HEATHERINGTON, Dianne Modern Languages
e-mail HILL, Brenda Math
e-mail HOLLESTELLE, Kate Career Studies, English,Music, Social Science
Web Page e-mail HONE, Carleen Art
e-mail JANTZI, Beth Drama
e-mail LENTING,Mike COPE
e-mail MACLEAN, Deb  
Web Page e-mail MACLEOD, Dave Canadian and World Studies*
Web Page e-mail MAGILL, Amanda Business and Cooperative Education
Web Page e-mail MALLETTE, Chuck English/Special Education
Web Page e-mail MALLETTE,Judy English
Web Page e-mail McCOWAN, Melanie Science*
Web Page e-mail McLENNAN,Tracy History
e-mail MELADY, Jeanne
Web Page e-mail Migchels,Mandy Science
Web Page e-mail MOORE,Isaac Science
Web Page e-mail O'BRIEN, Jeff Technology
e-mail O'ROURKE, Terry Phys-Ed*
Web Page e-mail OSBORNE, Scott English
Web Page e-mail PARK, Stacey Canadian and World Studies
e-mail PATETTE, BILL Distance Ed
Web Page e-mail PEAT, Rob Technology*
e-mail POOLE, Barbara Guidance and Co-op
e-mail SMALL, David Math,Science
Web Page e-mail SOLDAN, Ryan Credit Recovery Program
e-mail SOMERVILLE, Stacy Teacher Librarian
Web Page e-mail STRANO, Heather History,Career Studies, Mathematics
Web Page e-mail VANDEPOELE, Michael Business*, Computer Studies, Mathematics
Web Page e-mail WALPER, Cathy Social Sciences
Web Page e-mail WALSH, Tom Technology
Web Page e-mail WATSON, Russ Yearbook, English
Web Page e-mail WESELAN, Shelly Co-op
Web Page e-mail WESTON, Matt  
Educational Assistants
e-mail COOLMAN, Kathy
e-mail FARQUHAR, Linda
e-mail GREEN, Marj
e-mail MORLEY, Linda
e-mail PICKERING,Joanne
Resource Educational Assistant
  e-mail TROYER, Denise Library
Custodial Staff
Web Page FOXTON, Mike
e-mail HAUGH, Terry
e-mail MCDONALD, Rick
e-mail ROLPH, Susan

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