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    Welcome to the English Department of South Huron DHS and more specifically to my webpage! I will be teaching ENG4C, ENG3C and ENG2D this semester and look forward to our shared experiences in the English language. Each of these courses has its own webpage and a link to it can be found behind the appropriate door below.

    As the caption below the picture on the left indicates, the emphasis of my teaching is on effective communication strategies which will serve you in good stead throughout the rest of your lives. An important part of accomplishing this is to read and understand the information contained on the General Information link in the bar above.Hopefully you will find what we do challenging, relevant, useful and maybe even a little entertaining.


Your future is often determined by your ability to communicate effectively!
A NOTE ABOUT DOORS: I chose the theme of doors for this website because doors represent openings to new places and experiences. All the doors pictured on this website can be found at various locations in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

English 2D

English 4C

Contact me anytime at : to hand in assignments or ask any course related questions. mailto:russ_watson@me.comshapeimage_5_link_0

English 3C