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Online Courses (PRISM)

Online courses are intended for self motivated and independent learners. We always prefer our students to take courses in our classrooms where they can get the most support. That being said, the online platform does offer a wide variety of courses to enrich our students' timetables.
These courses are not "Remote Learning" and include no synchronous components or teacher-taught lessons. Online classes are semestered and have specific due dates for completion of work.
Online courses may be offered by our board (AMDSB) or, if we don't offer it, the online course may be from another board within the consortium in the province. Some tech or navigation questions may be taken to the TRA, Ms. Osgood, in the Learning Commons, but questions about content need to be emailed to the course teacher.
Students may work on online courses at home. They may also work out of the Learning Commons (pending covid-19 restrictions).
Students interested in online courses should check out the offerings on the PRISM website.
  - In the dropdown menus, select "All School Boards" and "Semester 1 - Regular" or "Semester 2 - Regular".
Students must be registered by a guidance counselor. Please email Ms. Weselan at with questions or requests.