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Purchase a Transcript

Note: To get a transcript from South Huron DHS, we have to be the last school you attended. (Even if you enrolled in a single course with an adult educations program or another high school.)
To order a transcript you will need to send the following information to Liz at
  • Full legal name (when you last attended high school)
  • Date of birth
  • Year of last attendance
  • The address you would like the transcript(s) sent to
  • The email address you would like the transcript sent to
  • The name of the person who has your authorization to pick the transcript(s) up (if you are unable to in person).
Transcripts are $10 each
Payment can be made in person at the time of pick up
Paid for on SchoolCash Online.
SchoolCash Online Instructions:
Click Register and complete the information in the "Create Your Profile" section & click "Continue".
You can add the funds to your "Wallet" in SchoolCash Online using an "eCheck" (the information from your cheque/chequing account).
  • Transcripts will be issued 5 business days after purchase date in order for payment to clear.