School Climate Survey

The voices of students are vital to help SHDHS create and maintain a safe and inclusive learning environment where all students can succeed and thrive. 
On March 27, all SHDHS students are invited to complete the school climate survey. The climate survey asks questions about experiences and feelings related to safety, belonging, and the classroom and school environment. Students will be provided with time in class to complete the survey. 
Participation in the survey is voluntary and the survey is anonymous. The results are used to inform the development of policies and programs aimed at enhancing student well-being, belonging and engagement.   
Elementary Students (Grades 7-8): will respond to the questions on the AMDSB School Climate Survey.  
Secondary Students (Grades 9-12): will complete the COMPASS survey from the University of Waterloo which asks about school climate as well as basic health indicators (e.g. physical activity and nutrition habits, as well as risk-taking behaviours).  
If a parent/guardian would prefer that their child not participate in this survey, they are asked to contact their school office as soon as possible. 
If you have questions about the survey, please contact Allison Segeren, Research Manager, by email at [email protected]