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Extra Curricular

There are a variety of extra curricular activities to take part in to enrich your school experience.  Check out the list below to find something that is of interest.
SHDHS Bob Ross Paint Club -
Ms. Bayer Smith and her daughter will be watching the Bob Ross Painting videos on Net Flix 
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each weekend. 
On Mondays they will post their results and challenge you to try it and post your results. 
Follow us on Facebook for more details
SHDHS Panther Cooking club - Each week a celebrity chef will demonstrate a family recipe.  Check out this weeks' video and follow us on Facebook for more details
Learn to Run - No experience necessary.  Follow us on Instagram @sh_learns_to_run or on Facebook for details
We just tested out our first virtual run for run club on  May 21st. to see if it would work. It was kind of fun and it’s nice to have accoun
Run Club
tability partners. If you know people are waiting for you to join then you are more apt to show up and run. Interested in joining