Secondary News

Every Child Matters

We will focus on culturally responsive teaching in all of our courses as well as promote Indigenous studies as an integral part of our programming.

Outgoing Student Council Presidents

Our co-presidents have worked hard this year and have faced a lot of challenges. Despite it all they have persevered, stayed positive, and both have maintained exceptional marks. They were visited to thank them for their efforts and apologize for the loss of prom and graduation. Thank you @reeganforan and @emmaregier for all your work with @panthersstuco. The staff are so proud of you and your efforts. Good luck girls! #SpotlightonSeniors #pantherpride

Contactless Cafeteria

Monday, Sept. 21st the cafeteria started to deliver pre-paid meals. You can order your meal at

Volunteer Opportunity

Check out this opportunity to earn volunteer hours just by writing letters! What a great way to earn your hours and help out our shut in seniors.

Creativity Challenge Winners Announced

Thank you so much to all who participated in the Stay At Home Creativity Challenge. I was so impressed with all of your work. We had a total of 19 students participate and 29 entries.

COVID-19 Task Force

The Municipality of Exeter and the COVID-19 task force for community recovery in Exeter and are looking for a youth community champion to sit on the task force.
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