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SHDHS Staff List

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Edward Havenga - Principal
Richard Sumstad - Vice-Principal

Administrative Support Staff

Katelyn McClure - Head Secretary
Lori Nesbit - Student Services Secretary
Elizabeth Stuckless - Attendance Secretary

Custodial Staff

Kevin Drager - BES Head Custodian
Nancy Eisenschink
Mike Foxton
Darrel Gingerich
Jamie Habel
Judi Nigh-Nedza

Educational Assistants

Amanda Dimelow
Michelle Insley
Brenda Kipfer
Rebekah Kleiber
Marlene Lightfoot
Michelle Meikle
Deb Oke
Dianne Shapton
Courtney Voisin

Teaching Staff

Laura Allan - AMDEC, Business
Taryn Anstett - Elementary French
Christine Beska - Hairstyling and Aesthetics (Cosmetology)
Julie Bowers - Coop, Minor Head of Cooperative Education and Business
Kristy Bray - Student Success
Renee Chauvin - Hospitality and Tourism (Foods)
Eric Chisholm - Math, Science
Paul Colbourne - Communications Technology, English
Nathan Crawford - Construction Technology and Design Technology
Krista Dalzell - Grade 8 - Homeroom 8A
Alex denBroeder - English
Heather Foran - Physical Education
Samantha Hamilton - Grade 7 - Homeroom 7C
Katie Grant - Secondary French; Subject Chair of Moderns
Connor Groot - Math, Physical Education, Science
Denise Haines - Math, Music
Gina Harris - Coop, Visual Art
Heather Hawley - English, Library; Major Head of English
Erika Hendrick - English, Media Arts
Brenda Hill - Math; Minor Head of Mathematics
Becky Hoogenes - Learning Services; Subject Chair of the Arts, Major Head of Learning Services
Jesse Hrudka - English
Amanda Keller - Science, Student Services (Guidance)
Nicholas Kimman - English
Rob Krainz - Construction Technology, Transportation Technology; Major Head of Technological Studies
Ashley Kroonen - Learning Services, Science
Sandy Kunkel - Grade 7 - Homeroom 7B
Melanie McCowan - Science; Minor Head of Science
Jodie McGee - Grade 7 - Homeroom 7A
Tracy McLennan - Canadian and World Studies, Minor Head of CWS / Social Sciences
Kate Milner - Arts, AMDEC, English
Sam Mitchell - Drama
Ben Nielsen - Connections
Cam Oates - Drama, English
Brian Oliver - Grade 8 - Homeroom 8C
Stacey Park - Canadian and World Studies, Social Sciences
Matt Prout - Manufacturing Technology
Carolyn Regier - Grade 8 - Homeroom 8B
Amy Shapton - Elementary Learning Services
Ryan Soldan - Physical Education; Minor Head of Physical Education
Julian Twardus - Canadian and World Studies
Claire Vink - Co-operative Education, French, Hospitality and Tourism (Foods), Physical Education, Learning Services
Shelly Weselan - Student Services (Guidance); Major Head of Student Services
Mike Wilhelm - Canadian and World Studies, Co-op, Pathways

Technical Resource Assistant